Since 1995, Warhurst Law has represented many policyholders as their advocate against insurance companies.  Prior to becoming a lawyer, Gene had many years of extensive experience as an insurance adjuster and insurance claims manager.  Now, after becoming a lawyer, he has been able to use his unique skill set as a former insurance professional to effectively and efficiently settle claims for his clients while maximizing every penny of recovery available.  His background in the insurance industry included the experience of handling thousands of insurance claims from car wrecks and personal injury claims to business and homeowners damage claims caused by hurricanes, tornados, hail, water damage, fires, or windstorms.  He obtained 8 professional insurance certifications including the CPCU which is recognized as the premier designation in the insurance industry.  The prestigious CPCU is held by only roughly 5% of people employed in the insurance industry.  With his insurance education, experience, and training, Gene has been able to represent policyholders to recover what they are rightfully owed to the fullest degree.


Many times the process of navigating an insurance claim while dealing with an adjuster can be a frustrating, drawn out, and confusing process where the policyholder is left to figure out the process and policy on their own.  Insurance companies are in the business of making money and that includes paying less for claims many times than the policyholder is owed under their policy.  If you feel that your insurance claim, whether for a car wreck, damage to a home from fire or wind, or business property damage, has been denied, underpaid, or your claim has been improperly handled, Gene Warhurst will personally look at your claim and answer your questions to see if you are owed more money under your policy.  We are available 24/7 to answer your questions for free and assist in your insurance claim dispute as your lawyer and advocate in the claims process.

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