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Archive for August 2019

The Importance of Appearing for an Examination Under Oath

When you are filing a claim with your insurance company due to property damage and property loss, you may need to attend an Examination Under Oath (EUO). During the examination, someone from the insurance company is going to need to ask you a series of important questions. When answering these questions, you must make sure…

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What Is Misrepresentation, and How Can It Void Your Policy?

Misrepresentation involves the act of improperly answering specific questions that were on the application you initially completed to obtain an insurance policy. If a question is answered incorrectly, or if you give a false statement, the insurance company may have approved the purchase of a policy that they would have normally denied – and it…

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What Is Typically Covered in a Homeowners’ Policy?

If you’re buying a home, you’re going to need homeowners’ insurance. It’s not always legally required by the state, but mortgage lenders mandate that you have this type of policy. Homeowners’ insurance is designed to protect you if you sustain losses and damage to your property and your belongings. Named perils vs. all risk homeowners’…

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