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Archive for October 2019

The Role of the Adjuster in Insurance Claims and Disputes

Insurance claims adjusters (also called “insurance adjusters” and “claims specialists,” depending on the company) are assigned by the insurance company to investigate your claim, with the ultimate goal of settling it. They work for the insurance company, and handle homeowner’s claims, vehicle accident claims, disability insurance claims, and other types of policy claims. Sometimes, an…

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The Most Common Exclusions in Homeowners’ Insurance Policies

Buying a home is exciting; putting a claim in for an insurance loss is, admittedly, less so. Homeowners need to understand what the homeowner’s insurance policy does and does not cover. Many policies are named peril plans. These policies itemize what damages are covered and what events are covered. Anything that is not on the…

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How Depreciation Can Affect Your Insurance Settlement Offer

The value to replace your home, contents, or any additional structures depends on what type of policy you have, and what needs to be replaced. Over time, both the structure and the contents will be subject to wear and tear. This depreciates the value of those structures and objects. Much like a new car driven…

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Common Pitfalls Policyholders Face in the Event of a Loss

It’s tempting to think if you buy a standard policy that you’ll be covered for all types of damage from hurricanes, fires, theft, tornadoes, and any type of natural disaster or accidental damage. Coverage, though, is a broad term. The insurance company will make every effort to limit your claim. The best remedy is to…

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