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Are You Still Fighting for Your Hail Damage Claim?

Hail damage and other types of damage caused many people to lose their homes and their businesses. Many policyholders had to rebuild their lives from the ground up. Insurance policyholders have the absolute right to expect that the insurance agents will bargain with them in good faith, pay the full amount of the claims according to the policy terms, and pay the claims on time.

If you or anyone you know is still trying to get what’s due you from your insurance agent, call Warhurst Law now. We handle hail damage claims on a contingency fee basis. The amount of the contingency fee depends on the current status of your insurance claim.

Beware. Many lawyers say they’re “hail damage lawyers” who fight for policyholders.

Our lawyers are skilled at fighting for policyholders when the initial repairs show that there is hidden or unusual damage. Often, policyholders are entitled to additional obscure benefits in addition to the obvious ones listed on the declarations page of the policy. You paid for security when you paid your premiums. At Warhurst Law, we fight to get you all you paid for so that security becomes a reality.

Good questions policyholders should ask a “hail damage lawyer” before hiring

Experience matters. Unique experience matters more. Everyone has the right to ask their lawyer questions to understand their depth of knowledge. A few standard questions, policyholders should ask insurance lawyers are:

  • Where did you get your property claims dispute training or education?
  • Where did you learn the finer points in handling high-level complex property insurance claims?
  • What makes you skilled at understanding and countering the insurance company arguments?
  • Do you have any direct insurance claims experience or is your experience just based on your legal education?
  • Did you attend any special law school that focused specifically on insurance disputes that could compare to the experience of a lawyer who’s handled thousands of claims.

If they answer no or can’t explain their answers, it’s usually for a clear reason – they’ve never worked as a claims adjuster. Get the help you deserve by speaking with a lawyer who has first-hand experience with the insurance industry.

How do experienced lawyers negotiate settlements and prepare your case for court?

Warhurst Law is directed by Gene Warhurst, a former Claims Manager. Gene worked for two leading insurance carriers handling all kinds of insurance claims. He began law school while working as a Claims Manger. More impressively, he was honored by the insurance industry through the award of eight of the most prestigious and respected insurance-designations possible – through hundreds of hours of course study and exams. Not only is it rare for any insurance adjuster to have these eight designations – it’s rare for insurance CEOs and Vice-Presidents to achieve these honors. In addition to Gene’s honors, the newest associate at Warhurst Law is also a former claims adjusters having worked for a major insurance company for close to a decade.

Warhurst Law has built its reputation based on our core knowledge as former insurance insiders. We are able to leverage our inside knowledge developed through handling thousands and thousands of complicated property claims to our clients’ advantage – by knowing how insurance adjusters think, what they’re looking for, and every trick they use to try to deny or limit your claim.

Warhurst Law aggressively seeks to get our clients every penny they’re owed including benefits that require a full understanding of the exact words of the insurance contract and current insurance law. It’s through our unique “hands-on knowledge” of claims disputes from both the insurance adjuster side and the attorney side, that we’ve been able to obtain hundreds of millions of dollars in insurance payments for our clients – over the last 20 years.

Warhurst Law has the experience and resources necessary, including our first-hand experience as claims adjusters) to fight for every benefit you’re allowed. A major reason for our success is that insurance adjusters know – that we know what insurance adjusters are thinking.

The bottom line is this: Who do you want representing you? Someone who’s looking for a quick settlement, or seeing if there’s a claim against a non-insurance company? Or do you want someone whose business is fighting the insurance companies no matter how difficult or how complicated your claim is? Clients who demand justice, choose the firm whose lawyers are former claims adjusters – especially when the firm founder also has more industry certifications than even the insurance company CEO.

Don’t accept second-best. Make the call to a law firm that insurance adjusters are afraid of. Call Warhurst Law at 251.207.1296 or fill out our contact form to schedule an appointment in our Mobile office. We fight for homeowners and business owners throughout the Southeast including Alabama, the Florida panhandle, the Gulf Coast, and Louisiana.


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