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Are You Still Fighting for Your Hurricane Michael Insurance Claim?

If you are still fighting an insurance adjuster over your Hurricane Michael insurance claim, Warhurst Law can help. We work on contingency fees, based on where your claim is in the claim process.

It seems that after every catastrophe, many law firms claim to be “hurricane, tornado and/or fire lawyers” primarily representing policyholders. A close look at these firms usually proves they are typically advertising for injured parties to sue policyholders who own a business or home like yours, which was damaged by Hurricane Michael.

You might also see firms that claim to only represent businesses and homeowners for damage incurred as result of a catastrophe or damage to your property covered by insurance.

Questions for those “hurricane/tornado/fire lawyers”

Remember: before hiring a lawyer, it is your right to ask questions. You might ask how they were trained in insurance property claims handling. You might ask where they learned the intricacies perfected and used by high-level property adjusters to limit the amount paid on property claims, or where they adjusted claims before or during their law school career. Simply stated, have they ever been claims adjusters? If not, where did they obtain their claims handling experience? Did they go to a special law school that offered courses that simulate the experience gained by being a claims adjuster who has handled thousands of claims?

When the answer to most, and perhaps all, of these questions is “no,” then it’s time to get serious by hiring a lawyer who can say “yes.”

What it really means to be a lawyer working for policyholders after Hurricane Michael

Warhurst Law is led by a former Claims Manager who worked for two major insurance carriers handling all lines of claims. Not only did Gene Warhurst start law school as a Claims Manager, but he had already earned, through hundreds of hours of study and testing, eight (8) of the most prestigious and sought-after insurance designations available to the insurance industry. Few if any insurance adjusters or even insurance CEOs and/or Vice Presidents have accomplished this. In fact even Warhurst Law’s newest associate lawyer has 10 years of prior claims handling experience with a major insurance carrier!

Warhurst Law, built from a core of highly experienced and knowledgeable “former insurance insiders” only represents people and/or businesses against insurance carriers, leveraging inside knowledge gained from their time actually handling every type of claim possible, including thousands and thousands of complex property crimes.

Warhurst Law relentlessly goes after every penny owed, including the benefits buried deep within policies that are in addition to the limits shown on the cover of the policy. Based on this “inside knowledge” and experience, Warhurst Law has recovered hundreds of millions of dollars for its clients going back more than 20 years. Warhurst Law has the resources necessary, including the very unique “insider background” to know what you are really owed. But most importantly of all, the insurance carriers know we know!

So if Hurricane Michael caused you to lose everything – your home, your business, your cars, your life – who do YOU want on YOUR side? The guys who say they handle insurance claims, but are really looking to make claims against home and property owners? Or the firm with the former claims adjusters, led by an attorney who has more insurance industry certifications than most CEOs? You want the guys who just started handling these claims, or the lawyer who taught them how to do it in the first place?

Accept no substitute: call the firm your adjuster might be scared to deal with. Call Warhurst Law at 251-694-1932 or use our contact form to schedule an appointment in our Mobile office. We represent homeowners and business owners throughout the Southeast including Alabama, the Florida panhandle, the Gulf Coast, and Louisiana.

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