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My Insurance Company Won’t Pay My Condo Claim

If you purchase a condo, your insurance policy coverage is unique because you have purchased interest in a property of homes. You now share joint ownership of the building with other tenants. The property is controlled by a Homeowners’ Association, while you own the walls around your home and pay for the upkeep of the…

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Does Homeowners’ Insurance Cover Accidental Damage?

The level of coverage provided by your homeowners’ insurance depends on your specific policy. Generally, however, most insurance policies work the same way, and damage to your home falls under one of several categories. It depends on the circumstances of the accident whether or not your insurance company will compensate you for the loss. Typical…

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What Is HO6 Insurance?

If you own a condo or are thinking of purchasing one, you may be aware that they require a different type of insurance policy than a traditional home. Condominiums are part of a community, so the condo association picks up the insurance for the common areas of the building (sidewalks, parking lots, stairs) and your…

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When Holidays Go Wrong – What Your Homeowner’s Policy Covers

The holidays are a magical time of year, with brightly-lit Christmas trees, outdoor decorations, family meals and gifts everywhere. Unfortunately, thieves and mishaps don’t take time off for the holidays, and when accidents happen, it’s important to know when your homeowner’s insurance will be there to save the day. Following are some of the most…

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Practical Considerations if Your Home or Business Is Damaged Due to Civil Unrest

Generally, standard homeowner’s insurance policies and commercial property insurance policies cover damage to civil unrest such as riots and acts of vandalism. As with all insurance policy claims, there are exceptions, which largely depend on the precise wording of the insurance policy. For example, while business property insurance does cover property damage due to civil…

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Is a Fallen Tree an Act of God?

When a tree falls down, it can easily cause a lot of damage to a person’s property. It may land on a person’s home or vehicle, causing extensive damage that would cost thousands of dollars to fix. Before determining who is responsible for the fallen tree, it is important to know if it is considered…

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The Most Common Exclusions in Homeowners’ Insurance Policies

Buying a home is exciting; putting a claim in for an insurance loss is, admittedly, less so. Homeowners need to understand what the homeowner’s insurance policy does and does not cover. Many policies are named peril plans. These policies itemize what damages are covered and what events are covered. Anything that is not on the…

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How Depreciation Can Affect Your Insurance Settlement Offer

The value to replace your home, contents, or any additional structures depends on what type of policy you have, and what needs to be replaced. Over time, both the structure and the contents will be subject to wear and tear. This depreciates the value of those structures and objects. Much like a new car driven…

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The Importance of Appearing for an Examination Under Oath

When you are filing a claim with your insurance company due to property damage and property loss, you may need to attend an Examination Under Oath (EUO). During the examination, someone from the insurance company is going to need to ask you a series of important questions. When answering these questions, you must make sure…

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