Insurance Disputes

Common Pitfalls Policyholders Face in the Event of a Loss

It’s tempting to think if you buy a standard policy that you’ll be covered for all types of damage from hurricanes, fires, theft, tornadoes, and any type of natural disaster or accidental damage. Coverage, though, is a broad term. The insurance company will make every effort to limit your claim. The best remedy is to…

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Fires Cause More Than Just Burn Damage

Fires start from any number of causes, but most begin in the kitchen from unattended cooking. You get a phone call, the doorbell rings, the dog barks – you get distracted. Candles are another catalyst that causes an average of 8,200 structure fires per year. Whether you fall asleep with a personal heater running in…

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Insurance Concerns for Non-Profits and Places of Worship

Insurance should be a straightforward transaction. For example, after a car crash, you tell the insurance company what the make, model, and year of your car is, and they pop out a figure based on risk. A homeowners’ claim is a little trickier, because you have to estimate the value of the structure, your personal…

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What to Know about Filing a Supplemental Insurance Claim

Homeowners’ insurance is never fun to deal with, especially when you find yourself with property damage. It disrupts your already busy life with filling out forms, dealing with an agent or adjuster, possibly being displaced from your home for a time, and waiting for claims to be paid so you can start the process of…

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What Is Misrepresentation, and How Can It Void Your Policy?

Misrepresentation involves the act of improperly answering specific questions that were on the application you initially completed to obtain an insurance policy. If a question is answered incorrectly, or if you give a false statement, the insurance company may have approved the purchase of a policy that they would have normally denied – and it…

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Welcome to Warhurst Law

We get questions everyday from folks wondering about the intricacies of their insurance policy and the process once they need to file a claim with their insurance company whatever the circumstances may be. These are just a few of the questions we get daily and will cover more extensively in future posts. The point to…

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