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Insurance Disputes

Replacement Cost Value vs. Actual Cash Value

It’s crushing when a fire, hurricane, tornado, flood, or other disaster destroys your home. Most homeowners don’t’ want to relocate after a disaster. They want to repair or rebuild their home as quickly as possible because homes are about families and connections. Homes are more than just walls and roofs. Some disasters cause so much…

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What Does Warehouse Legal Liability Cover?

Under the United States Uniform Commercial Code (UCC), the owner/operator of a warehouse assumes responsibility for any damages of losses to the contents within the structure. Warehouse legal liability insurance will cover the loss of items if the loss is related to the negligence of the warehouse employees. It can also be used to cover…

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How Does Florida Define a “Total Loss”?

Hurricanes, tornadoes, fires, and other events can cause so much damage to a home or building that the cost of making repairs is simply too high. The logical choice is not to fix the roof, add on aluminum siding, or empty out the basement from water damage. The logical choice is to declare the home…

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Matching Protections for Hurricane Michael Losses

When your home is rebuilt or repaired after a hurricane such as Hurricane Michael, you have the right to expect that the job is done professionally. Storms and natural disasters don’t choose their path of destruction with the cosmetics or functional use of your home in mind. They damage everything in their path. It’s up…

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Are You Still Fighting for Your Hurricane Michael Insurance Claim?

If you are still fighting an insurance adjuster over your Hurricane Michael insurance claim, Warhurst Law can help. We work on contingency fees, based on where your claim is in the claim process. It seems that after every catastrophe, many law firms claim to be “hurricane, tornado and/or fire lawyers” primarily representing policyholders. A close look…

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The Role of the Adjuster in Insurance Claims and Disputes

Insurance claims adjusters (also called “insurance adjusters” and “claims specialists,” depending on the company) are assigned by the insurance company to investigate your claim, with the ultimate goal of settling it. They work for the insurance company, and handle homeowner’s claims, vehicle accident claims, disability insurance claims, and other types of policy claims. Sometimes, an…

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Common Pitfalls Policyholders Face in the Event of a Loss

It’s tempting to think if you buy a standard policy that you’ll be covered for all types of damage from hurricanes, fires, theft, tornadoes, and any type of natural disaster or accidental damage. Coverage, though, is a broad term. The insurance company will make every effort to limit your claim. The best remedy is to…

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Fires Cause More Than Just Burn Damage

Fires start from any number of causes, but most begin in the kitchen from unattended cooking. You get a phone call, the doorbell rings, the dog barks – you get distracted. Candles are another catalyst that causes an average of 8,200 structure fires per year. Whether you fall asleep with a personal heater running in…

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Insurance Concerns for Non-Profits and Places of Worship

Insurance should be a straightforward transaction. For example, after a car crash, you tell the insurance company what the make, model, and year of your car is, and they pop out a figure based on risk. A homeowners’ claim is a little trickier, because you have to estimate the value of the structure, your personal…

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