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Did You Have Property Damage from Hurricane Hanna?

Hurricane season is in full swing and when you live in states bordering the Atlantic Ocean you tend to take it in stride. That doesn’t mean the damage isn’t still very real or very frustrating to deal with. Long-time residents of the Gulf Coast just know the drill at this point. Assess whether the storm’s strength is worthy of taking the time to board up windows or put up hurricane shutters, stock up on bottled water and non-perishable food, secure outdoor items, maybe even get a generator. Then wait to see where the chips fall.

Hurricanes are unpredictable marvels of Mother Nature, which makes property insurance claims just as unpredictable. One home may have suffered severe flood damage while a house two blocks over could have just experienced a fallen tree that took out a mailbox. Whatever your predicament, if you have to file an insurance claim, you want lawyers who know the system inside and out. That’s why Gene Warhurst and Warhurst Law is exactly who you need in an insurance claim dispute!

Hanna is just one of many damaging storms to come

The Gulf Coast’s location makes it a prime target for hurricanes and tropical storms and this season isn’t over yet. Actually, it’s being predicted to be one of the worst hurricane seasons on record. Hanna killed at least one Florida resident and dumped heavy bands of rain across the Gulf Coast causing widespread property damage. With property damage comes challenging insurance claims disputes.

Even when you’ve had minor storm damage, expect trouble when filing claims for:

  • Minor foundation cracks. Maybe the insurance company easily agrees to pay for a cement patch. Then you discover during the foundation repair that the damage is much more severe. Now you find yourself having to battle the insurance company to get your foundation properly fixed to prevent further damage to the structure that could endanger you and your family.
  • Cracked bricks. You might only need a few replaced but depending on the age and type of brick, you may not be able to get an exact match -or even close. To maintain the consistency of your home’s aesthetic, you may need all of the brick replaced.
  • Cracked stucco. This popular building material in Florida has underlying consequences when it becomes compromised. It can be patched, but should it? You need to find out what’s going on underneath before you really know the extent of the problem. You may have water damage that can affect windows and doors, and eventually mold can form.

If some of these problems aren’t discovered when you initially file your claim, you’re going to have a difficult time down the road, proving the subsequently discovered damage is tied to the original loss. Gene Warhurst knows the right formula to turn around a doomed insurance claim and insurance companies tend to become reasonable once Warhurst Law gets involved.

If your claim is in Florida, you may have options if the insurance carrier still chooses to deny your claim, such as:

  • Filing a breach of contract lawsuit against them, which must be done within five years from the date of loss.
  • Reopening your claim to have additional damage covered caused by windstorms or hurricanes, which you have 3 years to complete.

We handle these too!

Warhurst Law is the right choice for every insurance dispute every time

As a heavily certified insurance professional, Gene Warhurst has a successful history of settling difficult claims for clients who are met with brazen insurance adjusters looking to take advantage of their inexperience with the world of insurance claims. As a former claims adjuster himself, Gene knows how the game is played. He has carefully handpicked the members of his team who are trained to spot claims problems before they happen to make the entire process smoother for homeowners, businesses, and places of worship alike.

The moment your property becomes damaged from high wind, rain, hail, or other severe inclement weather, the insurance company is gearing up to find excuses to either outright deny your claim, minimize your payout, or even void your policy. The more damage your property has incurred, the more you affect the insurance carriers bottom line.

While you’re hurting from a devastating loss, your insurer is gathering information to use against you and crunching numbers in an attempt to avoid their contractual obligation to you. That’s not right. You know it, and we know it, and you shouldn’t have to wait months being jerked around by the adjuster or arguing over low offers in the face of providing realistic repair estimates.

Gene and his team at Warhurst Law will put their years of insurance experience to work fighting to enforce the terms of your insurance coverage to get you the maximum settlement under your policy limits. You paid for that policy and you have a right to collect under it to put your life or business back together after a disaster.

Don’t let a claims adjuster walk on you or deprive you of what you’re rightfully entitled to. Level the playing field when you have an insurance dispute in the Florida Panhandle, Alabama, the Gulf Coast, or Louisiana by scheduling your free consultation. To get help now, call our Mobile office at 251-694-1932, or reach out to us through our contact page to tell us your story.

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