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When you’ve lost everything in a tornado, the very last thing that you have the time or energy to deal with is playing games with the insurance adjusters and insurance companies to obtain the payout that you are entitled to under your policy. You’ve paid your premiums all of these years just for this reason – a catastrophe that swirls your life into turmoil just as unpredictably as a funnel cloud.

It seems that after every catastrophe, many law firms claim to be “hurricane, tornado and/or fire lawyers” primarily representing policyholders. A close look at these firms usually proves they are typically advertising for injured parties to sue policyholders who own a business or home like yours, which was damaged by a tornado.

You might also see firms that claim to only represent businesses and homeowners for damage incurred as result of a catastrophe or damage to your property covered by insurance.

Questions that you should have for those “tornado lawyers”

You are never obligated to hire a lawyer, but you do have an obligation to yourself to ask the right questions to be sure you hire the right one. This is the time to put yourself first. Ask how they were trained in handling insurance property claims. Ask where they learned the intricacies perfected and used by high-level property adjusters to limit the amount paid on property claims. Ask where they adjusted claims before or during their law school career, and how long they were employed as an adjuster. These are the all-important questions that will tell you whether this attorney is the real deal, or whether they’re someone dabbling in insurance claims law for quick cash.

When the answers you receive to your questions offer evidence that they don’t have a lengthy insurance claims career to back their legal experience, you need to find one who does or suffer at the hands of the inexperienced. You deserve better. You deserve Gene Warhurst and the decades of claims experience behind Warhurst Law.

What it really means to be a lawyer working for policyholders after a tornado

As a former Claims Manager with years of experience handling claims in every area of insurance while working for two major insurance carriers, Gene Warhurst mans the front line of Warhurst Law. Gene began his law school career while still working as a Claims Manager who had already earned eight (8) of the most prestigious and sought-after insurance designations available to the insurance industry after putting in hundreds of hours of study and testing. Gene’s passion for pairing his experience and education in insurance and law make him a formidable power that intimidates claims adjusters and insurance companies.

Warhurst Law excepts nothing but the best for our clients, which is why we continue to strengthen the firm’s foundation on excellent attorneys who possess insurance industry experience that gives them “insider” knowledge in how to handle claims for every possible insurance situation. Our practice is built on only representing policyholders who have claims against insurance companies that refuse to uphold their duty to act in good faith. We’ve successfully represented thousands of victims in their claims.

Did you know that there are often little known benefits hidden in your policy in addition to the limits displayed on your declarations page that the insurance company hopes you won’t recognize? Warhurst Law does, and we vigorously reach for every cent that you are entitled to. Because we’ve spent decades honing our skills working in the insurance industry, our insider knowledge has allowed us to recover hundreds of millions of dollars for our clients going back more than 20 years. The combination of Warhurst Law’s legal team and resources used to fight for your claim are unmatched, and the insurance carriers know it!

At Warhurst Law, our goal is to protect insureds who have the right to receive fair settlements under their policies. You have a right to receive an accurate estimate from an insurance adjuster that hasn’t been intentionally diminished to save the insurance company money. You also have a right to receive a settlement that makes you whole again.

When a tornado has ripped apart your home, your business, and your life, who do YOU want to trust to put the pieces back together for YOU? You can trust the firms you only hear about when disaster strikes, or you can trust the law firm stacked with former claims adjusters and more insurance industry certifications than the majority of CEOs. Warhurst Law is always here to help you when you need us – not just when one major disaster strikes.

The entire point to having an insurance policy is to give you a sense of security. Are you tired of the insurance company taking that feeling of safety away from you yet? If so, let Warhurst Law put your claim back on track by using the valuable “inside” information we have obtained through our vast experience working in the insurance industry. Insurance companies won’t get the chance to fleece you as long as Warhurst Law is working on your claim. We fight for citizens of the Florida Panhandle, Alabama, the Gulf Coast, and Louisiana. Schedule your free consultation by calling our Mobile office at 251-207-1296, or reach out to us through our contact page.



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