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How Can an Insurance Dispute Lawyer Help You in a Condo Claims Dispute?

If you are the owner of a large condo with multiple tenants, you are responsible for providing a safe and comfortable living space for your tenants – and that means fixing anything that is damaged, and having repairs completed by professionals in a timely manner. If the insurance company is holding you up because they have denied your claim or the claims of your tenants, or have offered you a lower settlement, you are better served to hire an attorney than attempting to negotiate alone.

Your attorney will review your insurance policy with you, to ensure that the damage is covered by your policy. If, for example, your policy excludes hail damage and your buildings are damaged by hail, there may be little to nothing you can do. However, if your policy specifically names hail damage in its coverage, then you should be entitled to compensation.

If this seems a bit obvious, remember that insurance companies often play a little fast and loose with the rules. It is not uncommon, for example, for a policyholder to get pushback on hurricane claims, where the insurer tries to claim the damage was related to a storm surge, not the hurricane itself. Your attorney is there to make sure that this type of trickery doesn’t happen.

Concerns specific to condos

Condos and other multi-dwelling homes have an added challenge of competing policies: which policy covers which damages? Generally speaking, you should have some kind of umbrella policy to protect your investment, and to cover any losses the “common” areas of the buildings sustain. If the storm damages both a common area and individually owned units, however, you could see your insurance company attempting to deny both claims, claiming the other policy should cover the damage.

For example, say a unit sustains roof damage in a storm, and that storm causes water to leak into the interior walls, leading to a mold problem in Unit A (where the roof was damaged) and Unit B (which shares the interior wall). As a condo owner, your policy may cover the roof, and Unit A’s policy may cover the water damage and mold, but Unit B’s owner may also file a claim, which can throw the entire process out-of-whack. Working with an experienced insurance dispute attorney can help move the process along, and ensure that you receive the compensation you’re entitled to get after a loss.

By hiring an insurance dispute attorney, you’re showing the insurance company that you are prepared and willing to fight. Hiring Warhurst Law shows that you’re prepared and ready to win. If your condo claim has been delayed or denied, we can help. Call Warhurst Law in Mobile at 251.207.1296 or complete a contact form to get help with your dispute. Warhurst Law works with condo owners, building owners, and HOAs across the Southeast, including Alabama, Florida, Louisiana, and across the Panhandle and the Gulf Coast.



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