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Hurricane Sally Is Tough, but Alabama Is Tougher

Hurricane Sally Is Tough, but Alabama Is TougherHurricane Sally might be a tropical depression now, but she’s still going strong. Multiple reports say that Pensacola had 30 inches of rain over the course of four hours, and the Panhandle has been overcome by flooding.

Here in Mobile, things are bad: the historic oaks in Bienville Square took a beating, and the suburbs have suffered tremendous property damage from winds and rain. At least one person was killed in Orange Beach as Sally wreaked havoc along the Fort Morgan Peninsula, and homes have been destroyed in Gulf Shores. At this time, she’s dumping torrential rains across Eat Alabama as she moves into Georgia.

The full extent of the damage may not be known for some time. Roads have to be cleared, and electricity will have to be restored to residents in the Gulf Coast and throughout the Panhandle and Alabama. It’s going to be tough, but Alabama is made of even tougher stuff. And when the rebuilding begins, Warhurst Law will be by your side to help.

Safety comes first after Hurricane Sally passes

The single most important thing after a catastrophic hurricane or storm is ensuing your safety:

  1. Don’t go in any flooded buildings. If there is still power to the building, you risk electric shock and electrocution. The water could be contaminated, which puts you at risk of toxic exposure. Finally, the wind and rain could have done significant structural damage to the building – and you may be unable to get back out without help.
  2. Don’t go near downed power lines. Again, you run the risk of electric shock or electrocution.
  3. Avoid “broken” trees. If a tree was not uprooted but has sustained limb or bough damage, it is unstable. Avoid going near them in case part of the tree falls.
  4. Don’t put your generator in the house or near open windows. If your home sustained no damage but you lost power, make sure your generator remains outside and far from any open windows. Carbon monoxide poisoning is deadly, and it happens fast.
  5. Don’t throw anything away. If it’s safe to be in or near your home, take lots of pictures before clearing any debris, and don’t throw away anything that you want to claim as a loss. Your policy should have “contents coverage,” which pays for things like destroyed furniture and clothing.
  6. Don’t assume the insurance company will pay you the value of your damage. Be proactive and get an experienced lawyer on your side to ensure that you aren’t denied your fair compensation.

How Warhurst Law can help you after the storm

As experienced insurance dispute attorneys who have worked in the Gulf Coast for years, we know what kind of damage you have sustained. We also know that in your haste to “Get back to normal,” you may want to accept whatever offer your insurer puts on the table first.

Do not do this.

Insurance companies have a lot of tricks up their sleeves to avoid paying out fully on claims. You could be entitled to significantly more compensation for your losses than they tell you that you are. If you live or work in Pensacola or anywhere in Florida, and your initial claim leads to underpayment, you can reopen a claim for additional damages. If they deny your claim, you can file a breach of contract lawsuit to seek additional damages.

But why should you have to go through all of that when Warhurst Law will fight for the right compensation from the start? Hiring an insurance dispute attorney shows your insurance company that you mean business. You won’t let them push you around and take advantage of your emotional state. We demand that your property be valued accurately from the start, and that you are paid what you are owed, including:

  • Replacement damages
  • Living expenses
  • Additional costs for deductibles
  • Business interruption coverage
  • Tree damage

Warhurst Law is here to help victims of Hurricane Sally pick up the pieces of their lives by holding insurance companies accountable. We’re tough, experienced insurance litigators, and we won’t back down. Contact us today at 215-207-1296 or fill out our contact form. Let us fight for you.

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