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Is a Fallen Tree an Act of God?

When a tree falls down, it can easily cause a lot of damage to a person’s property. It may land on a person’s home or vehicle, causing extensive damage that would cost thousands of dollars to fix. Before determining who is responsible for the fallen tree, it is important to know if it is considered an “act of God” or not.

What is an act of God?

In terms of insurance, an act of God is an event that a person has no control over. For example, the powerful winds and heavy rains that occur during a hurricane will often leave dozens of trees knocked over and on the ground. Heavy snow and strong winds might even cause a dead or dying tree to fall over. Some trees are not in the best condition because they were planted centuries ago and have not been properly maintained. If a tree is in bad condition and a storm occurs, it is more susceptible to falling.

An individual may not be responsible for a tree that falls on their property because it was the elements that caused such a problem to occur. Homeowners should be able to file an insurance claim when a tree falls on their insured property during a storm.

Are acts of God covered by insurance?

Some acts of God are covered by insurance plans. For example, if an individual has homeowners’ insurance, the insurance company will typically cover the cost of damage caused by the elements, including heavy rainstorms and hurricanes, as long as those events are covered by the policy.

For example, the policy may not cover fallen trees that were caused by floods or earthquakes. Because a natural disaster is not always predictable or common in certain areas, it might not be included in the insurance policy. If you have flood insurance, however, the insurance company would likely cover the cost of the damage because of the extra protection you have decided to obtain.

Policyholders should carefully review the details of their insurance policy before filing a claim. If some natural disasters are included, the policyholder should have no problem filing a claim with the insurance company to receive compensation for the cost of tree removal services and repairs for any covered damage caused by the fallen tree.

Some acts of God can randomly occur when homeowners least expect it. If a tree fell on your insured property because of a hurricane or storm, you might need to file a claim with the insurance company. Your insurance company will likely cover some acts of God, including trees that have fallen during a hurricane. If you are ready to file a claim or need help after receiving a denial, trust in Warhurst Law to assist you. We offer free consultations and provide legal services to clients in Alabama, Florida, and across the Southeast. Call our insurance dispute attorneys at 251-694-1932 or complete our contact form.