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Is Your Storm Damage Claim Still Being Contested?

Big storms can destroy properties, destroy businesses, destroy homes, and destroy dreams. In many cases, victims need to start over from scratch. Properties that can be repaired often have many hidden issues. Claimants have the right to expect that their insurance carrier will pay on time and pay the full amount that is due.

Anyone who is still fighting an insurance adjuster who is trying to deny or delay coverage for thunderstorms, hailstorms, or hurricanes like Michael should contact Warhurst Law firm. We handle storm damage claims for clients throughout the Southeast. We take cases on a contingency fee basis. The percentage may vary depending on how far you are in the claim process.

Many lawyers and law firms claim that they are experienced “storm damage lawyers” who represent policyholders. Many times, though, these attorneys are just seeking to make a quick settlement of your claim.

Some law firms are only interested in getting you the policy limits listed on the declarations page. At Warhurst Law, we advise clients about their additional rights – such as what happens when you start repairs and realize the problems are way bigger than you imagined. We also fight for additional benefits that you may be entitled to in addition to those itemized on the declaration page.

Questions for your “storm damage lawyers”

Every client has the right to ask their lawyer questions before hiring them. The lawyer works for you. Don’t assume your lawyer has the experience you need. Clients should consider asking:

  • How did the lawyer learn to handle insurance property claims?
  • Where did they develop the skills to perfect the details high-level property adjusters use to reduce claims. It’s important to know how insurance companies think to be able to counter their arguments.
  • Did they have any insurance claims experience prior to or during law school?
  • Did they attend special courses or a special law school which could simulate the experience of being a claims adjuster.

In short, you should ask if the lawyer has also worked as a claims adjuster? In most cases, the answer will be no. Get serious about your storm damage claim by speaking with a lawyer who can answer yes and can give examples of their claims experience.

What policyholders should know about how an experienced insurance dispute attorney practices law

Gene Warhurst leads Warhurst Law based on his work for two leading insurance companies where he handled all types of insurance claims. His unique and valuable credentials include years as a Claims Manager for The Hartford, and earning eight of the most respected and leading insurance designations the insurance industry offers – through hundreds of hours of study and examinations. It’s rare for insurance CEOs and/or VPS to have earned these designations, let alone insurance adjusters.

The newest associate lawyer at Warhurst is an example of our commitment to providing skilled insurance advocacy due to years of prior experience handling claims.

Warhurst Law has earned the trust of clients, the insurance industry, and other lawyers due to our experience as former “insurance insiders.” We only represent companies and individuals against insurance carriers. We have a strong track record of success because we leverage our insurance insider knowledge – which includes a wide scope of insurance claims, including thousands and thousands of complex property claims.

At Warhurst Law, our lawyers aggressively seek to obtain for our clients – every penny they are due, including the benefits buried deep within policies that are in addition to the limits shown on the cover of the policy. Due to our breadth of “inside knowledge” and experience, Warhurst Law has obtained settlements and verdicts during our 20 years of practice – amounting to hundreds of millions of dollars for our clients. At Warhurst Law, we use our unique experience and all available resources so that policyholders understand what they are really owed. Insurance carriers respect our lawyers because they know our lawyers understand the insurance business.

If storm damage or any other disasters, caused you to lose your home, a business, your vehicles, and your life – whom do YOU want on YOUR side? The attorneys who know the insides and outs of the insurance claims process, or the ones who just say they do so they file a claim against a property owner or homeowner? Warhurst Law is led by an attorney with more accreditations than most insurance CEOs. We’re the lawyers other insurance lawyers call for answers to their complex questions.

Don’t accept second place. Call the insurance claims firms your adjuster doesn’t want you to use. Call Warhurst Law at 251.207.1296 or fill out our contact form to make an appointment in our Mobile office. We represent homeowners and business owners throughout the Southeast including Alabama, the Florida panhandle, the Gulf Coast, and Louisiana.

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