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Is Your Wind Damage Claim Still in Dispute?

If you’re still frustrated because your insurance adjuster isn’t paying your full wind damage claim, Warhurst Law is ready to help. We often can get results where others have difficulty because we’re former insurance adjusters in addition to being forceful lawyers. We take claims on a contingency fee basis. The fee depends on how far along your claim is.

While many law firms claim that they’ll help you with your wind damage claim, they’re either looking to make a quick settlement or are seeking clients who have claims against other businesses or homeowners instead of your insurance carrier.

Questions to ask those “wind damage claim” lawyers

Every homeowner or business owner who wants to hold their insurance company responsible has the right to ask their prospective lawyer lots of questions. Questions are how you know if your lawyer is right for your claim. Questions that policyholders should ask include:

  • Do you have any experience from the point of view of the insurance adjuster?
  • When insurance adjusters in high-level property claims try to limit claims, what training or background do you have to know when the adjuster isn’t being fair or complying with the policy.
  • Did law school teach you any hands-on experience about how to work with difficult insurance adjusters?

When they answer no – and make no mistake; most will – call Warhurst Law. We worked as insurance adjusters before we became lawyers. We understand tricks and strategies insurance companies use to reduce your claim. We also know what benefits and payments insurance adjusters should be making.

What experienced insurance dispute lawyers should know to properly advance your claim

Warhurst Law’s founding lawyer is Gene Warhurst, a former Claims Manger. Gene worked for two leading insurance carriers. He was honored for his work and study with eight of the leading and most prestigious awards the insurance industry offers. Many CEOs and Vice Presidents don’t have similar credentials. The new associate for Warhurst law also has roughly a decade of prior insurance claims experience.

Warhurst Law’s attorneys are former “insurance insiders.” We only represent homeowners and businesses in claims against insurance companies. We use our inside first-hand knowledge of the insurance industry to fully identify every financial claim you have and to completely respond to every argument insurance adjusters make.

At Warhurst Law, we relentlessly fight for the full sum you’re owed, including all the little details and contingencies that quickly amount to a large sum. We understand the ins and outs of your insurance policy including benefits that go beyond the limits shown on the policy cover page.

Based on our unique experience, our aggressive approach, and the respect we’ve earned across the insurance industry, Warhurst Law has obtained verdicts and settlements for hundreds of millions of dollars for our clients over the past 20 years. When insurance adjusters hear that Warhurst Law is representing you, they know they better negotiate in good faith.

So, if the result of wind damage is that you’ve lost your home, business, vehicles, and all hope – you want experienced lawyers with claims adjuster know-how on YOUR side. We have the unique ability to handle your claim due to our track record of success in law and as insurance lawyers. Most of the other lawyers just understand the legal side of an insurance claim.

Don’t accept anything less. Call the firm your insurance adjuster fears. Call Warhurst Law at 251.207.1296 or complete our contact form to schedule an appointment in our Mobile office. We represent homeowners and business owners throughout the Southeast including Alabama, the Florida panhandle, the Gulf Coast, and Louisiana.


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