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Still Pursuing Your Fire Damage Claim? Time to Call Warhurst Law

One of the worst tasks to handle, aside from the fire itself, is the aftermath of dealing with an insurance adjuster. Warhurst Law wants you to know that you are not alone, and we are here to pick up the claims process for you at any stage that you begin feeling defeated. Our clients do not pay one cent out of pocket as all of our fees are earned on a contingency basis.

So many law firms suddenly surface slating themselves as premier insurance claims practices only after a natural disaster strikes and they see the chance for a big payout. Many of these firms dabble in insurance claims, and cannot be as adept in the legal quagmires specific to insurance claims as firms whose practices primarily revolve around protecting policyholders on a daily basis.

Questions for those “fire lawyers”

Every policyholder should know that you have a right to ask questions before committing to hiring a lawyer. While there are no guarantees, questions such as how many cases like yours have they successfully handled, or how often has he or she seen an insurance company refuse to fold are answers that might help you determine the best attorney for the job. Someone who doesn’t readily have those answers likely hasn’t worked in the area of insurance claims often enough to be very familiar with the process.

Even more relevant is asking about the attorney’s background in the insurance industry or other areas of training that will be useful in properly handling your claim. It’s important to learn whether the attorney fully understands the intricacies perfected and used by high-level property adjusters to limit the amount paid on property claims, or even whether they adjusted claims before or during their law school career.

This is the time to ask the bold questions: Have they ever been claims adjusters? If not, how did they acquire the experience needed to handle insurance claims? Did they go to a law school that offered experiential learning where students were able to work in a law clinic gaining real life experience through helping hundreds of victims with the claims process?

You cannot afford to hire an attorney who doesn’t have substantial, real-world experience in dealing with claims adjusters and insurance companies who are programmed to say “no” to reasonable estimates and settlement offers. This is your life that you are fighting to get back. One mistake can mean the difference between rebuilding your home or spending your indefinite future trying to replace bit by bit what you already worked for.

What it really means to be a lawyer working for policyholders after a fire

When you’ve had a fire, you want the best attorney on your side who will give you the best chance against the insurance company. Gene Warhurst is a natural born leader who is able to take command of virtually any insurance claim and obtain results when policyholders have been unsuccessful. Gene’s career as a former Claims Manager who worked for two major insurance carriers handling all lines of claims, gives him an edge over most attorneys in negotiating with the insurers.

Gene Warhurst entered law school with substantial experience as a Claims Manager who had already been awarded eight (8) of the most prestigious and sought-after insurance designations known to the insurance industry. Those designations were voluntarily earned only through dedicating hundreds of hours to studying for and testing on a vast array of insurance topics. Being at the top of the insurance field in order to provide the best legal assistance to his clients possible is something that Gene Warhurst values. He prides himself on going above and beyond to receive training that even insurance CEOs and/or Vice Presidents don’t engage in. In fact even Warhurst Law’s newest associate lawyer was in his 10th year of claims handling experience with a major insurance carrier before joining Warhurst Law!

Warhurst Law has been created by design to include insurance-industry trained “insiders” who bring a high level of experience rarely found in other insurance claims law firms. We focus on representing people and businesses against insurance carriers through use of our inside knowledge base earned while handling every type of complex claim possible.

Policyholders deserve every cent under their policy and Warhurst Law will accept no less. We know where to look in policies for benefits that you are entitled to but will rarely see as the insurance company hopes that you don’t discover them. Warhurst Law has recovered hundreds of millions of dollars for its clients going back more than 20 years because we know how to use our “insider” industry training and resources available to us. But most importantly of all, the insurance carriers know we know!

If you have lost everything in a fire not only due to the fire itself but as a result of smoke, soot, ash, and water damage, you have to decide who you want representing you against the insurance company. Do you want a nice, amicable attorney who you think might do better than you will on your own against the insurer, or do you want the attorneys who have proven time and again that having long-term experience in the insurance industry matters when settling insurance claims?

Your choice is clear: you can hire the guys who say they handle insurance claims, but are really looking to make claims against you – the injured home and property owners – or hire the firm with the former claims adjusters, led by an attorney who has more insurance industry certifications than most CEOs.

Let us show you what we can do for you and show the adjuster why they should be afraid that you hired us. Warhurst Law protects citizens of the Florida Panhandle, Alabama, the Gulf Coast, and Louisiana. Schedule your free consultation by calling our Mobile office at 251-207-1296, or reach out to us through our contact page.



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