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When you are filing a claim with your insurance company due to property damage and property loss, you may need to attend an Examination Under Oath (EUO). During the examination, someone from the insurance company is going to need to ask you a series of important questions. When answering these questions, you must make sure your answers are completely truthful. Answering the questions with incorrect information while under oath could cause you to get into legal trouble.

Why was I asked to give an EUO?

The insurance company wants to know what happened, and an EUO is a way for them to get this information. In some cases, the insurance company may use the EUO as a starting point for an investigation, but not always. If you are asked to give an examination under oath, it is usually because your insurer needs to know more about your losses.

Some questions that are often asked during the Examination Under Oath include:

  • Was there anything inside the home that was already damaged prior to the loss?
  • Were you storing flammable products inside the home?
  • What level of damage has occurred, and in what rooms inside the home?
  • Have you ever filed an insurance claim before? And if so, was that claim resolved?

Along with questions like these, you will also be required to submit any and all documentation about your claims, including your financial records, any prior claims or lawsuits, and/or any communications between you and your insurance company.

Do I need to go to the examination?

Yes, you do. If you refuse to attend the EUO, your claim can be denied entirely because it will be viewed as a violation of your cooperation clause. The cooperation clause states, generally, that policyholders have to cooperate with their insurers in the event of a claim. Failing to do so can void your policy, and any claim you have for losses.

The good news is, you can prepare for an EUO with the help of an experienced insurance dispute attorney from Warhurst Law. We can review your claim with you, and ensure that you understand the questions being asked. We can also attend the EUO with you, if necessary, and ensure that any questions you have are answered, and that any concerns you have are addressed.

When you need to attend an Examination Under Oath, it is always best to have a lawyer present to protect your interests. When you need, Warhurst Law is available. Simply call 251.207.1296 or complete a contact form to schedule a consultation. From our office in Mobile, we proudly represent clients in Florida, Alabama, Louisiana, and across the Southeast.



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