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For many families, summer is a time for vacations, spending quality time with family and friends, and relaxation. However, it is important to keep in mind that various hazards can accompany these activities during the warm and hot months of the year.

Fire damage claims

Barbecues and bonfires at residential homes are common source of fire damage claims in the summer. At times, flames can get out of control and cause significant damage to the structure of homes and other possessions. On average, 10,200 home fires occur each year resulting from outdoor grilling activities. From grilling alone, some 19,000 patients visit the emergency room each year. Among these incidents, about 9,000 thermal burn injuries are reported. Because of the many family activities on Independence Day each year, July is the peak month for fire incidents due to grilling.

However, according to the National Fire Protection Association, fireworks are another major cause of fires, with an average of 18,500 occurring each year resulting in 1,300 structure fires and 300 vehicle fires.

Most often, the personal property and belongings damaged in a fire are covered under a standard homeowner’s insurance policy.

Car accident claims

With school out and more outdoor activities available, there are generally more cars on the road during the summer months. With this increase in transportation activity can come a number of issues that lead to an insurance claim. These include getting into a crash with a drunk driver, blowing out a tire, among others.

Home burglary claims

When families leave their homes to go on vacation for a week or two during the summer, their homes are left unattended. This is the time of the year when burglaries tend to rise. Property loss from home burglary is a common summer insurance claim. There are a number of security suggestions homeowners can follow when going on vacation, including adding motion lights to the property and having a strong security system installed.

Boating accident claims

Activity on the lake increases significantly during the warmer months of the year. Getting out on the lake to enjoy the water – maybe on some jet skis, or for some fishing – is a great way to have fun and relax. However, accidents can happen. Boats collide. People on jet skis are sometimes hurt by crashing into other jet skiers, boats, or objects such as rocks. These incidents can lead to serious property damage and physical injuries.

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