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We get questions everyday from folks wondering about the intricacies of their insurance policy and the process once they need to file a claim with their insurance company whatever the circumstances may be. These are just a few of the questions we get daily and will cover more extensively in future posts. The point to remember is that you pay your premiums each month so that you and your assets are protected in the event of an accident, emergency, or catastrophe.

Aren’t the limits stated on my policy the most money I can get from my claim?

No, there are numerous coverage extensions, additional coverages, and endorsements that can increase the policy limit amounts listed on the declarations page.

Can my insurance company drop me from my policy for retaining a lawyer/insurance expert to assist me with my claim?

No, all states prevent insurance carriers from discriminating against individual policyholders from obtaining assistance with claims.

Do I have to sue my insurance company to get more money for my claim?

No, we have a process that involves Alternative Dispute Resolution that is contained in all policies yet unknown to most insureds and seldom used by consumers without representation.

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