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Have you been told that you need to attend a deposition or an examination under oath for your insurance claim? These interviews are important parts of the investigation process, and if you are asked to participate in either one, you must attend. Otherwise, you may find your claim denied. It is equally as important to hire legal representation and have an attorney present with you during either of these scenarios.

What is an examination under oath?

The examination under oath (EUO) occurs when an investigation is ongoing. The purpose of this procedure is for the insurance company to find out more information about your claim. When an individual signs an insurance policy, he or she agrees to participate in an examination under oath (if necessary), and swears to provide only honest and accurate information the whole time. Failure to participate may result in your claim being denied for lack of cooperation.

Being asked to participate in an EUO doesn’t necessarily indicate that your claim will be denied – merely that the insurance company needs more information or clarification about your claim. The answers you provide during an examination under oath may lead the insurance company to decide to accept or deny the claim, so it is important to speak with your attorney about what you can expect. He or she can help you prepare for your EUO.

What is a deposition?

Unlike an examination under oath that occurs during the investigation process, the deposition occurs if you need to litigate your claim. In other words, an EUO can take place at any time during an insurance investigation, but a deposition only occurs if you file a lawsuit.

Both a deposition and an examination under oath tend to involve a series of different questions that an individual would need to answer honestly and as accurately as possible.

At Warhurst Law, we know what you face if you’re called in for an EUO. Our insurance dispute lawyers in Alabama and Florida can help you prepare, whether you’re still in the process of making a claim or filing a lawsuit against your insurer to recoup the losses you’re entitled to receive. To schedule a consultation, call 251-207-1296 or complete our contact form. We represent clients throughout the Southeast, including those in the Panhandle and along the Gulf Coast.



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