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Church and Non-Profit Insurance Disputes in Florida

Florida insurance dispute attorneys protecting the rights of non-profits and houses of worship

It’s wrong to think that just because religious organizations, charities, and nonprofits aren’t focused on making a profit that they don’t have expenses. If building structures are damaged or contents are lost, these organizations need insurance to cover the cost of repairs or the cost to rebuild. Just like for-profit companies, these organizations should also have business interruption insurance to cover lost revenue and expenses if their operations stop for a week, a month, months, or a year.

At Warhurst Law, we represent religious organizations and nonprofits in Florida that help seniors, veterans, the disabled, those who provide services for children, and any organization that is created to help people and communities. Attorney Gene Warhurst’s first-hand experience as a claims adjuster gives him insights into how the insurance industry works – knowledge that has been passed along to his team. If an insurance company is stalling or delaying, we’ll fight to hold it accountable. Our firm has secured millions of dollars on behalf of our clients, including:

  • $2.226 million in additional compensation for a church facing fire losses, where the church was originally offered $973,003
  • $1.79 million in additional compensation for a church facing fire losses
  • $1.566 million in additional compensation for a worship center originally offered less than $100,000 for damages

Property insurance

Every organization needs a home. Florida churches, synagogues, and mosques are designed in a unique way to create a spiritual atmosphere for the congregants. When a religious home or the home for any charity or nonprofit is destroyed, they want to rebuild or make repairs as quickly as possible – so those who pray, or those in need, get the religious or other type of help they need.

Churches, charities, and non-profits should have property insurance to cover most types of physical damage. They may also need flood insurance to cover damage from hurricanes and storms.

Our Florida insurance dispute lawyers work to help rebuild sectarian and non-sectarian homes by working to ensure payment for:

  • The cost to repair or rebuild any damaged buildings. The owners should have records, blueprints, videos, or other building information so that the building can look like it did before disaster struck.
  • The cost to move the church or nonprofit to a temporary site until repairs can be made. This may include the cost to lease a new building or modify an existing one.
  • The expenses for any new equipment or tools. For example, some medical practices are non-profit. In order to service a new location, they may need to rent new X-Ray machines, stethoscopes, computers, and other items.

Our Case Results

$11 Million Hurricane
Hurricane Katrina property damage of New Orleans apartment complex settled pre-suit.

Katrina Settlement

$2.4 Million Settlement in Commercial Tornado Claim
Warhurst Law secured $2.2 million in additional recovery for a lumber mill damaged in a tornado.

Tornado Claim

$2.226 Million Fire Loss Settlement
Warhurst Law secured more than $2.226 million in additional recovery for a Baptist Church

Fire Loss Settlement

$1.3 Million Car Crash Settlement
Client was in a car accident resulting in severe brain damage.

Car Crash Settlement

$26 Million Hurricane Katrina Settlement
Hurricane Katrina loss of New Orleans Apartment complex previously offered $3 million.

Katrina Settlement

Business interruption expenses for Florida non-profits and churches

Nonprofits, according to their definition, and IRS rules, generally are not allowed to make a profit. Still, they do generate income in different ways such as through donations, government grants, raffles, and other means and events. Churches, charities, and nonprofits do have expenses that need to be paid while repairs are being made. Business interruption insurance should cover some or all of the following bills – depending on the insurance contract terms:

  • Any mortgages
  • The cost of all insurance policies including liability policies, car insurance, data breach insurance, and workers’ compensation policies
  • Electricity, gas, and other utility bills
  • The cost to pay computer/IT personnel
  • Employee expenses
  • Any licensing or regulatory fees
  • The cost to notify the congregants, patients, and users of the services about any new location and any alternative organizations.
  • Any other overhead expenses

Insurance disputes often center around which expenses are covered and the amount of the expenses that should be paid – so that the church or nonprofit doesn’t lose money during the repair process – other than the deductible.

At Warhurst Law, we understand the passion and dedication churches, synagogues, charities, and nonprofits have for the people and communities they serve. We understand how essential it is for you to restart your operations. We can help you navigate the insurance claims process and fight for the compensation you need to rebuild.

Make the call to an experienced Florida insurance dispute lawyer when disasters strike

Experience matters. We’ve been fighting for policyholders since 1995. To talk with an experienced Florida insurance dispute lawyer about your claim, phone Warhurst Law at 251-694-1932 or fill out our contact form to schedule an appointment. We represent nonprofits and religious organizations across the Southeast including the Florida Panhandle, the Gulf Coast, and Mobile, Alabama.

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