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Can Florida’s Insurance Market Handle Condo Collapse Lawsuits?

The recent Champlain Towers South condominium collapse in Surfside, a suburb of Miami, has changed the way we think about the dangers of condo collapses. Tragically, as of July 26, 2021, 98 people have been confirmed dead. The South Towers, North Towers, and East Towers composed a three-building complex. Each set of towers had 12…

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Avoiding Food Poisoning After a Severe Storm (and Other Helpful Tips)

Severe storms strike Alabama, Florida, and Louisiana with uncomfortable frequency. Living through these storms has become easy for many residents, but for others, it still takes time to get used to the damage left behind. One of the biggest risks is food poisoning, because people often think their freezers and fridges will keep the food…

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Can Droughts Cause Structural Damage?

Extended heat waves and dry spells can wreak havoc on your home no matter where you live in the country. However, homes in Northwest Alabama can be especially susceptible to structural damage caused by droughts. Drought not only kills plants and crops, but also causes damage to the ground where you walk, run, play, and…

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Drones Will Be Used to Acquire Hurricane Data This Summer

For the first time ever, drones will be used to fly into hurricanes this summer season in an effort to collect data to help forecasters better understand these massive storms that leave billions of dollars in damage in their wake. Five nautical robots called Saildrones will be deployed in the Tropical Atlantic this summer in…

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It’s “Flood Season.” Are You Fully Insured?

It’s “Flood Season.” Are You Fully Insured? Water is a wondrous thing; it’s great to swim in, go boating on, go sailing, and so much more. However, water can be disastrous and deadly when it inundates neighborhoods along the Panhandle and the Gulf Coast. We are in the middle of the severe storm season in…

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Appellate Court Grants Property Management Company the Right to Amend Its Insurance Complaint

In a recently reported case, the 11th Circuit ruled that a property management company should have a chance to amend its third-party complaint against two insurance brokers. The management company, Triumph Housing Management, asserts the brokers misled the property management company about the type of property insurance coverage the company had. The case was reported…

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Dealing with Structural Damage from a Tornado? Call Warhurst Law

As the coming hurricane and tornado season approaches across the South, it’s important to make sure your property insurance is current and has the coverage you need. You also need to take steps to protect your property. Extreme winds and heavy rains can damage your property in an instant. USA Today reported that two recent…

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The Colonial Pipeline Hack Shows Critical Need for Cyber Coverage

Ransomware can hold your business hostage in an instant. Cyberattacks can come from anywhere across the globe. As software companies work to defend against the attacks, the attackers work to get around the latest defenses. When a malicious attack occurs, many companies only have one remedy – pay the ransom and hope law enforcement can…

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