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Louisiana Residents to See Rise in Flood Insurance Costs in 2022

With storms packing a stronger punch now more than ever, the federal flood insurance program from FEMA has been revised, meaning higher policy rates for policyholders in 2022 and beyond. Louisiana residents will feel the crunch, especially those in the middle and working classes. The new program, labeled Risk Rating 2.0, went into effect in…

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Wind and Hail Claims for Florida Businesses

One of the benefits of the coronavirus pandemic is that thousands of people have turned to business ownership. As thousands of people become business owners, these business owners have to consider the different types of ways to protect their new businesses. Even small business owners who are happy to still be in business have to…

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Sudden Ice and Snow Claims for Businesses in Alabama

In Chapter 8 of To Kill a Mockingbird, Atticus Finch received an important telephone call during breakfast. After he hangs up, he returns to the table and tells his children that telephone operator Eula May had said, “As it has not snowed in Maycomb County since 1885, there will be no school today.” Alabama still…

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Can I File an Insurance Claim for a Sinkhole in Florida?

If you’ve never witnessed a sinkhole accident in person, consider yourself lucky. It is a terrifying situation to be driving on the road one minute and then falling into a hole the next. Just like an earthquake, sinkholes can be sudden and cause catastrophic damage. Some sinkholes can deepen over time, and some sinkholes can…

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Alabama Fire Losses During the Holidays

There is no perfect time to have a fire loss; in fact, most people would prefer to never have a fire loss as long as it can be avoided. However, everyone can agree that the worst time for a fire to occur is around the holidays. Ironically, the holiday season is the time when fire…

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Why Is My Insurance Claim Being Investigated?

When your home is damaged due to a flood, fire, storm, or other natural disaster, you immediately think that because you have homeowner’s insurance, you are protected. While this should be true, you might run into some issues once you file the claim with your insurance company. For example, you might receive notice that the…

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What Are the Main Types of Property Insurance?

According to the United States Census Bureau, the national rate of home ownership was 64.1% in 2019. Just like with any possession, a home needs to be protected from potential damages and losses. This is where property insurance comes into place. Because a home is one the largest investments that a person has, it is…

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My Insurance Company Won’t Pay My Condo Claim

If you purchase a condo, your insurance policy coverage is unique because you have purchased interest in a property of homes. You now share joint ownership of the building with other tenants. The property is controlled by a Homeowners’ Association, while you own the walls around your home and pay for the upkeep of the…

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Higher Premium? Lower Deductible? Choosing the Best Policy for You

People with cars, homes, and health insurance policies understand the importance of insurance. As Chris Rock once stated, insurance policies are policies in case something happens. In the event something does happen to a person’s health, car, or residence, policyholders are familiar with premiums and deductibles. Even more important, policyholders are familiar with how premiums…

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