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What Constitutes a Total Loss in Alabama?

In Alabama, if your home is declared a total loss, the insurance proceeds are generally used to rebuild your home. Alabama, unlike many states, does not have a value policy law. With a value policy law, the amount of the damages is clear – it’s the amount set forth in the insurance policy. Without a…

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What Type of Insurance Does a Church Need?

Protecting a house of worship is different from protecting a warehouse, or your home, or your business. The types of policies you need vary depending on your contents; after all, a relic or stained glass window, or an ancient copy of the Torah or Koran, are more valuable (in terms of coverage) than, say, the…

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Replacement Cost Value vs. Actual Cash Value

It’s crushing when a fire, hurricane, tornado, flood, or other disaster destroys your home. Most homeowners don’t’ want to relocate after a disaster. They want to repair or rebuild their home as quickly as possible because homes are about families and connections. Homes are more than just walls and roofs. Some disasters cause so much…

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What Does Warehouse Legal Liability Cover?

Under the United States Uniform Commercial Code (UCC), the owner/operator of a warehouse assumes responsibility for any damages of losses to the contents within the structure. Warehouse legal liability insurance will cover the loss of items if the loss is related to the negligence of the warehouse employees. It can also be used to cover…

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How Does Florida Define a “Total Loss”?

Hurricanes, tornadoes, fires, and other events can cause so much damage to a home or building that the cost of making repairs is simply too high. The logical choice is not to fix the roof, add on aluminum siding, or empty out the basement from water damage. The logical choice is to declare the home…

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Is a Fallen Tree an Act of God?

When a tree falls down, it can easily cause a lot of damage to a person’s property. It may land on a person’s home or vehicle, causing extensive damage that would cost thousands of dollars to fix. Before determining who is responsible for the fallen tree, it is important to know if it is considered…

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