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Insurance Dispute Attorneys in Alabama

Skilled representation for policyholders in Mobile and throughout Alabama

When your property is damaged or destroyed, you deserve to get all the funds you bargained for when you started the policy and paid the premiums. You deserve fast action, not stall tactics and unreasonable excuses. You deserve an Alabama insurance dispute lawyer who will fight for you.

At Warhurst Law, we work aggressively to help get property owners the funds they paid for. We are often able to get faster results and better recoveries because we know first-hand how claims adjusters operate. Firm founder Gene Warhurst first began his career working as a claims adjuster for Hartford Insurance. He anticipates the arguments claims adjusters use to deny claims. He knows when they’re not negotiating in good faith. When you need help, we are there. Contact us in Mobile today to learn more.

Common types of property insurance disputes in Alabama

It’s an Alabama property owner’s worst nightmare. You fight to save for a new home or a new business, and in just minutes – or hours - your property has been destroyed. Tornadoes can rip through a community without warning. Fires can ravage single homes, duplexes, condos, farm buildings, and any place where people live and work. Hurricanes can destroy everything you worked so hard to build.

When property is destroyed, Warhurst Law negotiates strong settlements and pursues your claim in court when adjusters aren’t paying everything that’s due.

Some of the types of property disputes our Alabama lawyers are ready to handle include:

Our Case Results

$11 Million Hurricane
Hurricane Katrina property damage of New Orleans apartment complex settled pre-suit.

Katrina Settlement

$2.4 Million Settlement in Commercial Tornado Claim
Warhurst Law secured $2.2 million in additional recovery for a lumber mill damaged in a tornado.

Tornado Claim

$2.226 Million Fire Loss Settlement
Warhurst Law secured more than $2.226 million in additional recovery for a Baptist Church

Fire Loss Settlement

$1.3 Million Car Crash Settlement
Client was in a car accident resulting in severe brain damage.

Car Crash Settlement

$26 Million Hurricane Katrina Settlement
Hurricane Katrina loss of New Orleans Apartment complex previously offered $3 million.

Katrina Settlement

A quick note about tornadoes and Hurricane Michael

In just the first half of 2019, there have been 57 tornadoes in Alabama – and there is every reason to believe that we’ll see more. These events are “born in thunderstorms,” and are often an effect of hurricanes, too. In fact, some of the most intense damage in the wake of Hurricane Michael came from the tornadoes it spawned: 23 people died when a post-Michael tornado touched down in Lee County.

Warhurst Law is ready to assist policyholders who have sustained losses from Hurricane Michael, as well as the tornadoes that followed it. Many of the current disputes are centered on whether the property damage was caused by the hurricane, the flooding, the tornadoes, or from outside events, like downed power lines. These claims are complex, but our team has the experience and resources to take on national insurance companies on your behalf.

Who can file an insurance claim?

Policyholders can always file claims if they sustained losses. After all, that’s why you purchase insurance in the first place. The owners are generally the people or companies named in the policy and who pay the premiums. Claimants for property damage include:

Car and truck owners may be able to file claims if they have comprehensive vehicle insurance.

What you should know about insurance exclusions in Alabama

Not all policies are created equal, and the policy you have may not provide the coverage you need. Whether you have an all-risk policy (where everything is covered unless specifically excluded), or a named perils policy (where only the events named in the policy are covered), your insurance company may try to argue that there is an exclusion provision in your policy. They’ll say that you can’t make a claim because of that exclusion. Common exclusions include:

  • Payment should be made through a different policy
  • Damage isn’t covered because it was intentional, or was due to something that couldn’t be anticipated (like war)
  • The property owner contributed to the loss
  • The property owner misrepresented some element of the property when the policy was purchased
  • The damages were due to natural wear and tear – not an accident or an event

Our skilled property lawyers work to show these exclusions don’t apply.

Additional insurance dispute issues arising from Xactimate software

The insurance adjuster may try to reduce the value of your claim. Many adjusters use a software program called Xactimate to help them estimate the cost to fix different types of buildings and different problems in the buildings. Xactimate software is notorious in this industry for lowballing settlements. It doesn’t consider the increased costs for materials and may not cover O&P in its assessment.

We understand how this software program works and why, in many cases, it is not a reliable estimate of your damages. That’s why we work with a network of professionals who know the accurate costs for repairs and rebuilds. Our own team has attorneys who have spent years writing Xactimate estimates; we know how to prove that a Xactimate assessment is low, and how to properly value your losses.

Holding insurers liable for bad faith negotiation

There’s no excuse for refusing to investigate your claim promptly. There’s no justification for hardball tactics. You paid your premiums – you deserve to be treated fairly. Our experience as prior claims adjusters gives us the ability to understand how claims should be handled. When insurance adjusters fail to bargain in good faith, they can be held accountable for all your damages – even if they exceed the policy limits. They may also be liable for your legal fees. Examples of bad faith negotiation include:

  • Delaying the investigation of your claim
  • Misrepresenting the law or the facts
  • Refusing to pay a valid claim
  • Offering damages that they know are below the fair market value
  • Telling you that shouldn’t use a lawyer

Why choosing Warhurst Law can make the difference

When your claim has been denied or delayed, or when the insurance company offers you an unfair settlement, you’re going to need a fighter in your corner. The team at Warhurst Law is ready to fight for you. For close to 25 years, we’ve dedicated ourselves to protecting residential and commercial policyholders when they are at their most vulnerable. Our firm founder, Gene Warhurst, holds multiple certifications, including the prestigious CPCU – Chartered Property Casualty Underwriter. The CPCU is one of the insurance industry’s highest designations, and those who pass its exam are held to a Professional Code of Ethics.

So, what does that mean for you?

It means you get a lawyer who’s going to shoot straight with you, every time. It means you partner with a lawyer whose certifications are the same as those who run the national insurance companies. It means you’ve got a team who knows the law, knows your rights, and knows how to get the job done. Because Alabama doesn’t allow for public adjusters, the only adjusters you can talk to are ones who work for insurance companies – and that, we can agree, is a conflict of interest.

But at Warhurst Law, you get all the insights of a former adjuster who’s also an attorney. That means you can rest easy, because you know for certain that you are protected by an experienced team who puts your best interests first.

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* Warhurst Law cannot and does not guarantee an outcome to any case.