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Commercial Property Insurance Dispute Attorneys in Florida

Helping Gulf Coast and Florida Panhandle businesses get back on their feet

Many businesses that are forced to shut down for a significant length of time never reopen, and damage to commercial property can contribute to that, too. If a natural disaster, such as a hurricane or flood, damages or destroys your building, you need to quickly make the necessary repairs or find a new suitable location. When rains, wind, and other elements damage buildings, the equipment and inventory are often damaged too.

Attorney Gene Warhurst has been helping policyholders get back on their feet since 1995. Before his work as an insurance attorney, he worked as a claims adjuster. He understands what insurance companies should be doing to help their clients and when insurance adjusters are acting in bad faith. Contact Warhurst Law today to work with a Florida insurance dispute attorney who will fight for you.

Representing commercial property owners in Florida

When you have a policy on a commercial property, your needs are going to be different. You deserve an attorney who understands the importance of timelines, proper valuation, and assessing risk. At Warhurst Law, we have dedicated ourselves to fighting for policyholders whose claims involve:

  • Business properties, including brick-and-mortar buildings
  • Investment properties
  • Condominiums, apartments, hotels, and other multi-family dwelling units
  • Family and industrial farming facilities
  • Warehouses and storage properties
  • E-retailers and online businesses

Verdicts and settlements for commercial property policyholders

  • $26 million settlement for an apartment complex previously offered $3 million
  • $11 million settlement for an apartment complex’s property damage, settled pre-suit
  • $5.4 million in additional compensation for an apartment complex for wind damage in a storm
  • $2.37 million in additional funds for a tornado claim
  • $2.2 million settlement for an A/C business which was originally offered $200,000
  • $1.3 million settlement for a radio station originally offered $19,000

Our Case Results

$11 Million Hurricane
Hurricane Katrina property damage of New Orleans apartment complex settled pre-suit.

Katrina Settlement

$2.4 Million Settlement in Commercial Tornado Claim
Warhurst Law secured $2.2 million in additional recovery for a lumber mill damaged in a tornado.

Tornado Claim

$2.226 Million Fire Loss Settlement
Warhurst Law secured more than $2.226 million in additional recovery for a Baptist Church

Fire Loss Settlement

$1.3 Million Car Crash Settlement
Client was in a car accident resulting in severe brain damage.

Car Crash Settlement

$26 Million Hurricane Katrina Settlement
Hurricane Katrina loss of New Orleans Apartment complex previously offered $3 million.

Katrina Settlement

Types of commercial insurance

Commercial property owners pay premiums to insure against any type of destruction to their buildings, their contents, and their operations. Businesses should have the following insurance coverage to cover the damages due to natural disasters and accidents that can cause physical and economic damage to buildings, business assets, and business income.

  • Property insurance. These policies should pay for the structural damage to buildings, inventory, tools, equipment, and other physical assets in the event of a man-made or natural disaster. It applies to all of your property, including freestanding structures and landscaping, but it may exclude certain types of damage, like that caused by flooding.
  • General liability insurance. If someone is hurt on your commercial property, do you have enough coverage to address his or her claim? General liability insurance can help protect you.
  • Professional liability insurance. If your company makes a mistake, it can cost you more than you think. Professional liability covers accounting errors, clerical errors, and even some complaints from customers.
  • Business interruption insurance. This policy generally should cover lost income and expenses from the date the business can’t operate until the date it can reopen under the same conditions as existed before the disaster.
  • Comprehensive auto insurance. This insurance policy should cover the cost to replace company cars, trucks, and other vehicles needed for the business.
  • Umbrella policies. These policies are designed to fill in the gaps, and to cover anything “left over” that another policy doesn’t cover.

Additional commercial claims considerations

The sooner you can repair your business, warehouse, or other commercial property, the sooner you get back to business. In addition to building repair, inventory, fixtures, and other items, property insurance may cover some accounts receivables and other economic losses. We help navigate these comparable claims.

For hotel owners, apartment complexes, investors in condominiums, and other places where tenants sleep, the insurance should consider the consequences to the residents. For any commercial property owner who leases to other businesses, the coverage should consider what happens to the tenants who are forced to find new places to operate.

Nonprofits also need commercial insurance. Churches and other organizations do have bills to pay and they do generate income – even if that income is then used for charitable or nonprofit purposes.

There may be some overlap between what property insurance covers and what business operation loss covers. We coordinate the various claims efforts since the insurance companies may vary, and because some policies depend on payments from other policies.

What should business interruption insurance cover?

Our experienced insurance lawyers understand what standard business interruption policies should cover, what exceptions may apply, and what defenses and arguments adjusters and defense lawyers are likely to make. Standard business interruption service should compensate the business for:

  • Lost profits
  • Fixed operating costs
  • The cost to move to a temporary location
  • The cost to get your company back online
  • Marketing costs
  • Employee expenses
  • Forced closing expenses

Other types of losses may also be covered. Some businesses are contingent on other business being operable. For example, a tenant in a shopping mall or complex can’t operate until the owner of the complex repairs the mall roof.

Concerns arising from Florida business insurance disputes

Our commercial claims insurance lawyers work to resolve or litigate all possible disputes that may arise with commercial business claims. Some of the common disputes include:

  • Whether the business is covered
  • For what length of time is the business covered, and is there a limit to when the company is expected to return to business
  • How income loss is calculated
  • What proof of income loss is required
  • What repairs are needed, and who can do the repairs
  • Which value method should be used
  • What steps the business can take during the negotiation and repair period
  • Whether any exclusions apply

Speak with an experienced attorney concerning commercial property insurance disputes

You can’t delay. You need to get your business up and running quickly. You need to repair any damage and replace any inventory. Your customers and employees will wonder what’s going to happen to them and their interests. At Warhurst Law, we understand how critical it is to move fast while also getting all the coverage for rebuilding and building interruption that you paid for through your premiums. We have the skills and resources to fight for businesses when natural disasters or other disasters occur. We help businesses throughout the Gulf Coast and Panhandle region including Panama City, Apalachicola, Pensacola, and Port St. Joe. For help now, phone us at 251-694-1932 or complete our contact form to schedule an appointment.

* Warhurst Law cannot and does not guarantee an outcome to any case.